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Before ordering your kit, make sure you are aware of your local planning and permitting requirements. This will help reduce the chance of any building approval delays.


Ordering a Shelter-Kit® is easy. After selecting your kit, we will send you a completed order form for your signature.

​Planning and ordering suggestions:

  • Talk with your local building or zoning officials to see whether you will be permitted to build on the site you have chosen, and to determine what information they will require for a Building Permit. Ask if there are unusual local conditions such as high snow, wind or seismic loads. We can design for high wind, snow loads, and seismic conditions.


  • Contact your local building officials to determine what technical information or drawings they require. We can also provide engineer-stamped drawings, specific to your building site for the lower 48 states. Engineer-stamped drawings may be ordered (for an additional charge) when you order your kit, or at a later date. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your plans and we will provide you with a quote for a Drawing Package and/or engineer-stamped drawings. Drawing prices will vary based on the complexity of your building. All of our drawings are copyrighted, and may only be used for the construction of one building, purchased from Shelter-Kit ​. Our house kits meet the current International Residential Code and local variations thereof.



​25% of total order, plus engineering fees if required by your building officials, due with your order.


60% of the total order, due before we begin production. This is typically 4-6 weeks before we ship the kit.

Final Payment:

15% of the total order, plus shipping charges, due in Warner, NH ten business days prior to the shipping date.

*All payments should either be sent by the U.S. Postal Service to P.O. Box 111, Warner, NH 03278, or by wire. We will send wiring instructions if requested. Please do not send payments by package delivery services, such as UPS or FedEx.

We are willing to work with your bank to comply with their loan disbursement schedule.

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